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Eastern Connecticut Community Links

Researching a community requires information. The following tabs contain useful links to town and school specific web sites as well as links to shopping centers in the area. You will find that each community in Eastern Connecticut is unique. Each and every town in the area has a lot to offer current and potential residents

Community Information

Links to Town Web sites

Find all the information you need on the towns in Eastern Connecticut.

Links to School Web sites

Detailed school system information can be accessed by visiting these web sites.

Shopping Center Information

A common misconception about Eastern Connecticut is you have to go out of your way to find major retail outlets. This is not the case as you can see by browsing through the following links. The addition of Killingly Commons, which includes well known retailers such as Target, Lowe's, and Staples just to name a few, puts a major shopping plaza right in our backyard.

We are also within 1 hour of one of the largest shopping centers in New England, The Shoppes at Buckland Hills in Manchester, Connecticut. The Buckland Hills Mall includes every major retailer in every major category as well as many well known restaurant chains. The Shoppes at Buckland Hills include free-standing retail outlets and a sprawling mall. It has become so large that residents commonly refer to it as its own town, Buckland, Connecticut.